Our story

Our story began on September 2014 within Nissan Europe. At that time we only had a few vehicles to offer carsharing for a handful of B2B clients who were looking for an innovative way to serve the mobility needs of their employees. The team worked on this new project with the ambition to evolve it and target the entire auto-mobility market. The goal was to grow the business and reach out to more and more businesses. It was for these reasons that RCI Mobility was created in July 2015, fully financed by RCI Bank and Services. Continuing with the same team, but now within our new startup and benefiting from being joined by RCI Bank and Services and the brands of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, we have continued to offer our B2B carsharing service along with developing other services.


We remained focused on growing our business activities and developing a larger range of mobility services in France and internationally with clients from different European countries such as Italy and Spain. We developed our own in-house auto-mobility platform to better address the needs of our clients and offer a unique digital user experience. This new technology also allowed us to expand our services from carsharing to also include ride sharing and shuttle services; all available on the market as Glide. In collaboration with the brands of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, we have also developed several innovative mobility projects such as Renault Mobility, a new carsharing offer in France, and Nissan Intelligent Get & Go, the first carsharing vehicle in France from a vehicle manufacturer.


With our expertise and with the typical agility of a startup, we have made RCI Mobility into an important actor in the sector of auto-mobility.


“With RCI Mobility, we want car manufacturers and companies to be able to provide their clients and employees simple, easy to use mobility solutions that respond to professional and personal needs.” Paolo Colurcio, RCI Mobility Managing Director


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