Our strategy

Mobility is the focus of RCI Mobility. We understand that it plays a part in the healthy performance for businesses of all types. In order to create truly economically, socially and environmentally-friendly solutions, RCI Mobility focuses on shared mobility that is simple and connected. We concentrate our efforts on two axes: the client and technology, to offer scalable mobility solutions in line with the needs of the market.


The Client

From startups to multinationals, we work with companies in all sectors and of all sizes. Our priority is to propose a service that corresponds to each client: each of our solutions is a tailored according to the needs of our clients.

“We are helping to create solutions that improve the lives of users.” Paolo Colurcio, CEO of RCI Mobility.

To facilitate travel, we assess our client’s needs and the necessary ecosystem to find the right auto-mobility solution. Thanks to our expertise in mobility and our desire for innovation, we provide strong support to our clients in their projects, especially in the designing of new services and innovative technologies.


The Technology

Technology is at the heart of mobility. In an ever-evolving environment, our knowledge allows us to combine our expertise with the existing solutions in the market to offer customer products and services that are more and more innovative. Founded in our strong experience, we offer truly accessible and easy to use mobility solutions.

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