Nissan Intelligent Get & Go MICRA


In partnership with Nissan, we launched Nissan Intelligent Get & Go MICRA, the first carsharing vehicle from a vehicle manufacturer in France.

Using an innovative matching algorithm, our web platform allows users to join other users in groups of 2 to 5 based on complementary mobility needs. These groups are able to sign a contract to share the ownership costs of a brand new Nissan MICRA. A monthly payment that is determined by the number of members in the group gives users the rights to a portion of the vehicle’s usage.

The group is able to share the Nissan MICRA using a mobile application that not only provides our car sharing technology such as locking and unlocking the vehicle, but also additional features like group chat and shared planning.

“This offer is unique because there is no equivalent in the market because of its main purpose and technology, being a 100% digital journey,” said Bernard Loire, CEO of Nissan West Europe.

Our knowledge of urban mobility is reflected in the development of a brand new business model and the implementation of technological solutions along the completely digital customer journey.